Project at Glyde


In June, we started on another project at Glynde Place clearing, cataloguing and photographing their etchings, prints and photographs which have been stored in an attic. They are then photographed. We cannot conserve them as we do not have the skills required but we will wrap them in paper and bubble wrap until they can afford to get them done professionally.

There are three members involved. After some building work, Glynde Place would like them to clean the silver, which at the moment is going into storage. One of the ladies that is doing the pictures would love to get her hands on it!

We are not sure how long this project will take as  as we only get about 6 prints done each morning. We have the help of a paper and picture conservator who comes along when we are there to help us.

Heritage Volunteers working at Newhaven Fort

Newhaven Fort Newhaven Fort

Newhaven Fort

A fine example of a Sussex military fort with vast echoing tunnels built into the cliffs. Its ramparts overlook the South Downs and Sussex coast. The gun emplacement are still in place. This fort played a role though both World Wars and is a fascinating place to visit with the family.

The Arts Society Uckfield & Lewes Heritage Volunteers help to conserve our heritage both in Britain and in parts of Europe. Conservation and preservation of our heritage are tremendous burdens on the limited resources of museums, National Trust properties, historic houses, libraries and gardens. Volunteers help them in non-specialist but vital ways by caring for collections, recording documents, guiding and stewarding. Heritage Volunteers help to keep them accessible for all.

Four Heritage Volunteers were working in pairs at Newhaven Fort from June 2011 until February 2012 when they completed their work and were thanked for all they had done. This work included archiving Vinyl records, maps, newspapers, magazines and over 400 books.

The books were very interesting because many were about the local area in wartime. The maps and newspaper articles were mainly about the Fort and its history.

In the pictures below, you see the ladies archiving photos and putting them folders or acid free paper.

Heritage Volunteers Heritage Volunteers Heritage Volunteers Heritage Volunteers

New volunteers would be very welcome. Contact us if you are interested in becoming involved with our new project at Glynde Place.